About David “The Diamond” Oswald:

David OswaldDavid Oswald is a nationally recognized real estate investor, outsourcing enthusiast, public speaker and author.  He has spoken in front of numerous crowds throughout the United States and international audiences on topics such as short sales, salesmanship and outsourcing your life.  As an author, David has published two books entitled ‘101 Ways to Outsource Your Life and Business’ and ‘ROI: How to Create Rivers of Income.’

Oswald bought his first investment property in 2002 and after making a five figure profit upon selling it in 2003, he decided to invest more time and energy into learning about the finer points of real estate investing.  “I was working hard in an office everyday but when that first real estate deal closed…I was hooked,” he says.  “At that point, I went out and learned as much as I could.”

After doing numerous quick turn flips as the market was rising, Oswald noticed around late 2006 that a new trend was started to take place – the short sale.  “After looking at where things were heading, I decided to focus all my energy on short sales,” says David.  “When people saw that I was still having success when the market changed, they started asking me what I was doing.”

What started as a handful of one on one mentorships evolved into a bunch of success stories followed by a demand for full scale seminars and boot camps.  “I got into teaching and seminars only because people asked me for it.  I was content with just doing deals myself until I realized how I could impact so many others also,” says Oswald.

He now speaks on the topic of real estate and short sales in front of hundreds of people, does one on one mentoring for students, sells a core package of information regarding the foreclosure and short sale business and on top of that, he continues to run a very large pipeline of short sales for himself.  “The Diamond” is speaking at as many as ten events per month and holds his two day seminar, “Short that Sale When the Market’s Stale” twice per year.

Along the way, he added another seminar on “Outsourcing Your Life and Business,” the top event on the east coast for creating time.   “I got into real estate investing so that I could get rid of a job,” David explains.  “Once I understood and really studied the concepts behind time creation and outsourcing, I knew that others would want to know too.”

On a personal note, David is a member of Evangel Church and he is in the process of finishing off a screenplay.  He recently took up golfing and has dropped 15 strokes off of his game in less than 3 months.  For booking for speaking engagements or for outsourcing or real estate business consulting, go to www.davidoswaldonline.com

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